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2019 Finger Lakes Regional

We had a great time at our first competition. We made it to the playoffs, won an award for Innovation in Control, and we had a FIRST Dean's List Finalist Award winner, Ellie Fairchild!

Build Season 2019

We have been working hard during our six weeks of build season, and our robot is ready for competition!

Buckeye Regional 2018

The gloomy weather didn't bring down our spirits as we faught through many tough opponents and technical difficulites, where we got the wildcard to go to Worlds!

Finger Lakes Regional 2017

This year's Finger Lakes Regional was a fun experince for our whole team. We didnt make it to the finals, but our robot still performed pretty swell.

Build Season 2017

After six weeks of hard work, we can finally take some rest and then get into some competition.

Finger Lakes Regional 2016

Our last regional of the year proved to be very successful. We had some great matches with our fellow teams and learned a lot about our robot and others that we can use for next year.

Greater Toronto East Regional 2016

While in Toronto for our first regional, we learned a lot about the game and tried out our robot and demonstrated outstanding safety.

Build Season 2016

After six weeks of hard work, we can finally take some rest and then get into some competition.

Ruckus 2016

The annual off-season FIRST event, Ruckus, held in Rochester, NY. The game was Recycle Rush, the same as last year, and was a great opportunity for new team members to get a feel for FIRST Robotics.

St. Louis 2015

After a successful performance at the Finger Lakes Regional, the team was invited to the worlds at St. Louis. The team had an educational and exciting time at the event while exploring the sights that St. Louis has to offer.

Finger Lakes Regional 2015

This year's Finger Lakes Regional at RIT was a successful outing for the team, resulting in an outstanding finish, a new Judges Award, and a place at the St. Louis Championships.

Greater Toronto East Regional 2015

This year's Toronto East Regional in Toronto, Canada was an exciting three days for everyone which ended in a third place finish out of 47 teams.

Build Season 2015

The most important six weeks of the year, all displayed in one photo gallery for your viewing pleasure.


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