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Greek Letter

17th → ρ / Ρ

Rho's Super Abilites:

✓ - Can Score in Amp, Speaker, and Trap

Rho has been skillfully designed to score notes into the Amp, Speaker, and Trap!

✓ - Bender (Note Manipulation)

Rho's designers worked day and night to create a flexible and dynamic system of motors and rollers that allow Rho to score in any location!

✓ - Climbing

With a 27 and 5/8in minimum height, Rho can slide with ease under the chain. An advanced linear actuator moves the shooter out of the way.

✓ - Ground Acquirer

Rho has been intelligently designed to acquire notes from the floor using an advanced system of under chassis conveyor belts, wheels, and gears.

✓ - Advanced Autonomous

The team uses 3015's path planner software to program Rho to have ten different modes in auto!

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