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CougarTech Safety

Our team's top priority is to promote safe procedures and behaviors amongst CougarTech 2228 team members, other FIRST teams, and the community.

Safety Videos

Safety Training Program

This year, 2228 has changed the format of safety training. Instead of being presented in a large, one-time presentation, safety topics have been split into small, informative modules. These modules cover the use of many tools, different subjects related to electrical safety and important general safety rules. Each lesson was created by the Safety Captain, reviewed by the technical mentors and edited accordingly. For each of these modules, students must:

  1. Read one page of instructional text
  2. Watch a training video made by the team
  3. Answer 3 to 5 questions on the material presented to them
  4. Demonstrate their ability to act or use a tool safely in front of a mentor

This not only offers a more in-depth exposure to the material, but also provides an assessment of knowledge and an opportunity for students to get helpful tips and feedback from mentors. The lessons that students can complete are:

  • General Safety
  • Mechanical Safety
    • Drill Press
    • Band Saw
    • Cut-off Saw
    • Hand Saw
    • Grinder
    • Hand Drill
  • Electrical Safety
    • General Electrical Safety
    • Soldering

All students are required to complete the General Safety Module to participate in team events, and pit crew members must complete all modules in order to work on the robot during competitions. Sub-team members must complete subject specific lessons as well. For those students not working on the pit crew, additional incentives (in the form of small prizes) are provided to complete the modules. Each student’s progress through the training lessons is recorded.

The videos that are part of each lesson were created by the team and specifically designed for training purposes. However, they are also available to all FIRST teams via CougarTech’s Youtube channel. In this way, both Team 2228 and the entire FIRST community can benefit from the instructional content.

Training Module Document Video
General Safety PDF
Band Saw Safety PDF YouTube
Cut-off Saw Safety PDF YouTube
Drill Press Safety PDF YouTube
General Electrical Safety PDF
Soldering Safety PDF


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